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Handcuffed to your job because of your healthcare benefits?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We are cutting the chains, and freeing people who feel hostage to their job because of their healthcare plan. Let's show you how that's done...

BIG NEWS: The mission in healthcare reformation is to promote a value-based health insurance plan that is focused on shifting from sick care to health care, with an emphasis on preventive care and health management. Seems pretty doable but here's where most people feel trapped by the benefits they believe to be so valuable.

TODAY: A typical company might incentivized their employees with a nice benefits package which should include a great healthcare plan but what employers can't offer is a guarantee that the plan they put into effect for the majority, actually works for the individual. Most come to find that the monthly contribution issued for a poor medical plan (which is grossly over priced and manipulated by insurance and practitioners) are not anywhere near the value being paid into it. That's where value-based or "consumer driven" health insurance is inspiring INDEPENDENCE.

FREEDOM: In order for this value based philosophy to work, financial incentives must be aligned with reimbursement strategies moving away from major medical, volume-based models to more individual and personalized, outcomes-based models. Consumer participation also plays a key role in value-based healthcare, as consumers assume greater responsibility for out-of-pocket expenses and better managing their own health through a variety of wellness education initiatives.

Did you know that corporate employees do no have to opt in for corporate insurance if they find a better more affordable plan elsewhere?

Yeah, so let's calculate the real cost, value and risk of an employer provided health plan and compare it with consumer driven health insurance benefits for healthy individuals like yourself who want outstanding coverage:

Benefit #1: No more OPEN ENROLLMENT pressure. You can enroll anytime, throughout the year with no long term obligations.

Benefit #2: Customized plans. Have as much or little coverage based on your individualize or family's needs.

Benefit #3: Premiums that remain fixed and that only increase based on age.

Benefit #4: Fixed indemnity plans. Simply put, the way health insurance used to be. A predetermined fixed amount given to you for your healthcare needs.

Benefit #5: Zero co-pay, zero upfront payments.

Benefit #6: Flexible income protection options in case of long term medical expenses.

Benefit #7: Premiums that are half the cost of major medical plans and Obamacare. Pay the same or less monthly and get 100% more value.

Benefit #8: Choose in-network or out-of-network doctors nationwide. Your money, your choice.

Benefit #9: Access to lower costs and greater value through: Teledoc, bill negotiation services, discount prescriptions and holistic wellness plans.

Benefit #10: Helping red-blooded American's remain in control of their own healthcare.

>>Click HERE to schedule a live quote session with the team and find out how you can be free from the golden handcuffs.

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